Health and Safety
ASW Scaffolding Ltd always work within the Health and Safety laws, all building work requires scaffolding for time to time, but scaffolding should never be taken for granted. Incidents connected to scaffolding injury have increased in recent years. ASW Scaffolding Ltd always take their work seriously life’s depend on.  All companies and workers using scaffolding need to be aware of the impact of maintaining a safe and secure scaffold. Falls from elevated platforms remain the single largest cause of workplace deaths and one of the main causes of serious injury.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends that scaffold arrangements are reviewed regularly and that reviews take account of factors which include, but are not limited to:

• scaffolding design implementation; 
• arrangements for securing scaffolding to structures; 
• intended and actual loadings on scaffolds, including the impact of wind; 
• the risk of direct impact by construction plant or vehicles; 
• the frequency and thoroughness of scaffold inspection arrangements; 
• systems in place for the handover of new or adapted scaffolds; 
• the training and competence of scaffold erectors; 
• the adequacy of the scaffold foundations; and 
• the prevention of unauthorized modifications.

ASW Scaffolding Ltd are required to provide a suitable stable working platform that has been erected by its competent personnel. It is important that you have in place arrangements to ensure this and that these arrangements are reviewed regularly. Once erected, it is vital that scaffolds are inspected regularly by us to ensure that they remain safe and stable, especially after any adverse conditions (i.e. high winds). 

ASW Scaffolding Ltd personally check all Scaffolding regularly, are prime concern is the safety of all that use and work on are Scaffolding.
NHBC Health & safety Awards May 2010
ASW Scaffolding was awarded 3 awards at the NHBC Health & safety Awards in May 2010, This is an outstanding achievement as hundreds of sites had applied across the country. 

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