Health & Safety text

Safety lies at the core of our work. The Health and Safety of our teams and those around us represent the most important aspect of everything we do at ASW Scaffolding Ltd. We believe in a methodical and systematic approach to safety and continually re-evaluate our procedures so that they remain robust.

Our site management teams work alongside all of our operatives ensuring that they are kept up to date with any legislation changes or new health and safety standards. Each operative must possess the appropriate recognised qualification prior to commencing work on site, these are reviewed and additional training is offered so that health and safety knowledge is current.

Regular equipment inspections are carried out and documented as are health questionnaires, all of these things have helped us to become fully compliant with BS 18001. Ocean Certification make a regular audit of our Health and Safety Management Systems and ensure that we are doing all we can to promote health and safety on our developments.

In line with the TG20 good practice guide, we only use fully compliant scaffolding equipment including BS compliant boards, tube and fittings. Our operatives are provided with the relevant PPE including gloves and hi-vis vests and instructed to wear them at all times. We have stringent, no nonsense views when it comes to PPE and will not tolerate any of our workers failing to wear appropriate safety gear.

Irrelevant of size, each and every contract ASW Ltd embark on is planned and considered, Health and Safety is a necessity and it is our policy to ensure we remain 100% compliant.

In a bid to increase awareness and responsibilities, we have recently commissioned our own short film entitled The Good Practice Guide, which is shown to all operatives prior to commencing work on site.  Please press play for full movie